Payment tech: better ways to interact with government

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New payment devices are revolutionising the way enterprises and agencies are interacting with users. For government, as one local council found, it’s about delivering a better customer experience for citizens.

Strong competition among the banks and new offshore payment platforms has spurred large-scale innovation in the transactional space. This level of innovation is delivering the potential for a service revolution for both business and government.

In fact, powerful and innovative point-of-sale devices have enabled government to offer far greater flexibility and a vast array of services and improve service quality, build relationships with citizens and innovate and continuously improve technology functionality, while also managing costs.

Now, citizens can settle multi-provider bills, access government services such as renewing car registration, applying for a seniors’ card, and using a new payment device as a self-service portal located in a bank branch rather than government having to open its own shopfront. This creates greater flexibility for customers and agencies collecting revenue.

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