CSIRO appoints venture capitalist Larry Marshall as new CEO

Following a search for someone with innovation and business experience, the CSIRO has announced scientist and venture capitalist Dr Larry Marshall as its new CEO.

Dr Larry Marshall

Dr Larry Marshall

The CSIRO announced Thursday that technology innovator and venture capitalist Dr Larry Marshall would take over as its CEO from Dr Megan Clark in January 2015, in an effort to increase the body’s focus on commercialising innovation.

Chairman Simon McKeon says Marshall was chosen from a field of 70 candidates following an “extensive global search”, emphasising the organisation had been seeking someone who was both an innovative scientist and business leader.

Marshall is currently managing director of Southern Cross Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital firm specialising in creating Australian technology companies and growing them globally in Asia and the United States.

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  • Thomas S

    I read the headline with alarm, thinking a venture capitalist was the wrong thing to do for our venerable CSIRO’s stocks of intellectual history, but on reading this, I am a little eased. But still – I don’t want the CSIRO liquidated as an asset to pay for todays’ budget demands …