The year in public service — and Merry Christmas from us

By The Mandarin

December 23, 2015

Departmental shake-ups, inter-agency squabbles and PR disasters: that’s what you most read on The Mandarin this year.

But you also had time for more positive stories: policy analysis, thoughtful commentary, professional development and in-depth case studies on the programs really working across Australia. That’s the mix we’ve endeavoured to deliver each day, on your computer, your mobile device and via The Juice newsletter.

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More than a year ago we launched The Mandarin, a publication dedicated to public administration professionals. We’ve built a unique community of leaders in this important space, offering news, commentary and learnings on government in Australia. That community is growing every day.

We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Your engagement — through reading, sharing, commenting and contributing — is always appreciated.

We’re taking a break for the festive season. But watch for more content from January 4, and we’ll be back in your inboxes on January 11. Stay safe.

The Mandarin‘s top 10 most-read stories of 2015

  1. Feathers ruffled: how hawks took over the Immigration nest
  2. Victorian service reshuffle: super-departments born
  3. The new-look Vic DPC: Chris Eccles’ roadmap for restructure
  4. Border Force fiasco: how to create a public relations disaster
  5. Why does the government keep changing public servants’ defined benefits?
  6. Agency heads out amid NSW machinery of government change
  7. The minister, the job offer and the secretarial messenger
  8. Restructure at SA Premier and Cabinet executives 11 execs sacked
  9. No ‘night of long knives’, but Qld bureaucrats face axe
  10. Rethinking a contemporary social justice in government
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