Victoria's Public Service Medal winners — Australia Day 2016

By David Donaldson

January 26, 2016

Six Victorian public servants were awarded Public Service Medals this Australia Day.

Below are the full official biographies for the awardees working for the Commonwealth, which accompanies the full national list of PSM winners.

The Public Service Medal recognises outstanding service by employees of the Australian government and state, territory and local government employees. ‘Outstanding service’ could be shown through:

  • service excellence to the public, or to external or internal clients;
  • innovation in programme, project or policy development;
  • leadership, including as a member of a team; or
  • the achievement of more efficient processes, improved productivity or better service delivery.

Mr Peter Stuart ALLEN
Richmond Vic 3121
For outstanding public service through the development of simplified statutory and land-use planning systems in Victoria.

Mr Allen led major reforms benefiting the public sector, the planning industry, professionals and the people of Victoria during his public service career, particularly in the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. His work has resulted in significant improvements to the Victorian statutory and land-use planning system via the introduction of polices and reforms. In 1996 Mr Allen pioneered the Victoria Planning Provisions (VPP), an innovative mechanism for the regulation of town planning decision making through standard zones and overlays. The VPP has provided a clear and consistent framework for decision making at both a state and local government level.

Mr Anthony Dennis BATES
Aberfeldie Vic 3040
For outstanding public service to fiscal management in Victoria, and through improvements to the operational position of Victoria Police.

Mr Bates has been a driving force behind responsible fiscal management across the public sector, and the growing service delivery to the Victorian community. In his role at Victoria Police he has reinforced the organisation’s role as a leader of the Victorian Public Service in delivering a safer community. Mr Bates has improved Victoria Police’s financial position, and has contributed to the betterment of a collaborative relationship with government.

Ms Margaret Catharine DARTON
Neerim Vic 3831
For outstanding public service through contributions to state and national food policy and safety regulation, to dairy food research, and to strategic development and investment.

Ms Darton is the Policy Manager in the Agriculture and Food Industries Policy section of the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. She has made a significant difference to Australia’s food policy and regulatory environment with her work making significant impact on the quality of legislation and regulation in Victoria and throughout Australia.

Mr Geoffrey John LAWLER
Camberwell Vic 3124
For outstanding public service through the development of financial structures to improve the sustainability of the built environment in Victoria.

Mr Lawler in his role as Director, City Operations has led the development of the City of Melbourne’s sustainability strategy, and the growth of international networks of sustainable cities. He established the 1200 Buildings Program, which uses innovative financing structures to assist private landlords to make their buildings more efficient. Mr Lawler’s commitment and dedication has resulted in Melbourne becoming a more liveable, better planned, sustainable city.

Mr Kenneth William THAIN
Bundoora Vic 3083
For outstanding public service to Victoria Police through the provision of stable and consistent administrative support.

Mr Thain is an administrative support officer in the Conduct and Professional Standards Division of Victoria Police. He personifies the concept of public service. He has been an asset to the Professional Standards Division by enabling a stable administrative structure. He has exceptional knowledge of the policies and procedures, with excellent instincts and sound judgement when liaising with complaints and complainants. In his role he is in constant communication with the public. Mr Thain’s manner and professionalism when dealing with the public is exceptional and unwavering.

Mr Roderick John WISE
For outstanding public service through the application of the Charter of Human Rights to correctional practice in Victoria.

Mr Wise in his role as Deputy Commissioner, Operations, in the Department of Justice and Regulation has driven the design and operation of safe and secure correctional facilities in Victoria. He has also led the delivery of programs addressing offender behaviour and assisting prisoners’ transition back into the community. He is highly regarded across Australia for his correctional expertise, and is recognised in the field for his integrity, leadership and the creation of healthy prison environments. In order to foster understanding, Mr Wise has worked tirelessly to educate the judiciary, engage with partners in the criminal justice system and the non-government sector, while leading and influencing staff at all levels.

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