Queensland's public service medals — Australia Day 2016

By David Donaldson

January 26, 2016

Five Queensland public servants were awarded Public Service Medals this Australia Day.

Below are the full official biographies for the awardees working for the Commonwealth, which accompanies the full national list of PSM winners.

The Public Service Medal recognises outstanding service by employees of the Australian government and state, territory and local government employees. ‘Outstanding service’ could be shown through:

  • service excellence to the public, or to external or internal clients;
  • innovation in programme, project or policy development;
  • leadership, including as a member of a team; or
  • the achievement of more efficient processes, improved productivity or better service delivery.

Ms Nicola Joy DOUMANY
Annerley Qld 4103
For outstanding public service to the Queensland Judicial Service.

Ms Doumany has been a public servant for over 30 years and is currently the Director of Victim Assist Queensland (VAQ) in the Department of Justice and Attorney General. The establishment of VAQ in 2009 heralded a new time in Queensland’s history regarding the public service response towards victims of violent crime. Ms Doumany’s leadership, governanceand solid policy knowledge, and her strong commitment to victims of crime enables her to provide support and care for some of the state’s most vulnerable people. VAQ has become a respected leading agency and Ms Doumany has fearlessly supported new approaches to support mechanisms and has championed capacity building initiatives which have resulted in improved services across the state including accredited training for community workers supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of domestic violence.

Ms Helen Louise GLUER
38C Kumbari Crescent, Mitchelton Qld 4053
For outstanding public service in Queensland.

Ms Gluer is Queensland Rail’s Chief Executive Officer. Her career has spanned more than 30 years and she has been dedicated to high level executive leadership which has helped to shape the Queensland Public Service. Ms Gluer has alsolead reform, contestability and the implementation of industry best-practice standards and cultures across various organisations. Through key roles at Brisbane City Council, Health Corporate Services Authority, Queensland Treasury and Trade, and Queensland Rail has meant that Ms Gluer has made significant contributions to the stewardship, future prosperity and contestability of a large segment of the Queensland Public Service and has lead government organisations with total staff numbers of more than 18,000 people. One of her greatest assets is her reputation, developed through tireless work, constant learning, unequivocal determination to achieve and unquestionable integrity. Ms Gluer has inspired, challenged and supported many people in the Queensland Public Service.

Mr Bradford Huston JOHN
54 View Crescent, Arana Hills Qld 4054
For outstanding public service to the development of Queensland’s mineral resources.

As Chief Government Geologist with the Geological Survey of Queensland, Mr John espouses the building of collaborative research and working arrangements with Australian organisations. He has gained significant funding support that has resulted in collaborative projects and programs between government, industry and tertiary institutions. He has sustained and built upon work established by his predecessor, and looked at new and improved ways to promote Queensland. His work on the Queensland Exploration Council’s Events and Business Attraction Working Group has ensured a strong investment promotion platform between industry and government. One of his major contributions has been the establishment of the Exploration Attraction Unit, as we know it today, which has high profile customer support both domestically and overseas. It has also resulted in the establishment of strong, interactive relationships between Trade and Investment Queensland (TIO) and Austrade. Mr John has also conceived and built databases that provide source information to customers. He has ensured that a formal delegation-dignitary process is in place to receive customers, provide them with high level information, promotional products, records of meetings, as well as tracking resource investment made by overseas organisations.

Mr Glen William POTTER
Surfers Paradise Qld 4217
For outstanding public service to local government in Queensland.

Mr Potter’s service in local government has greatly contributed to addressing the challenges created by rapid growth in South East Queensland. He is widely acknowledged within the region for his knowledge of local government policy, legislation and leading practices. During his 40-year career he has served in roles with property rating, revenue management and information technology at the Brisbane City Council and the Gold Coast Council. For the last five years, as Director of Organisational Services at the City of Gold Coast, he has expertly guided policy, process and implementation and his impact has been profound. He is passionate about the City of Gold Coast, and particularly the Council organisation. He is a most conscientious and dynamic professional and is liked and respected by both clients and colleagues. Mr Potter has devoted much of his working life to ensuring that the Gold Coast reaches its best potential, delivering financial sustainability and equity for ratepayers, and his efforts will deliver benefits for generations to come.

Ms Katherine SCHAEFER
79 Woodhill Avenue, Coorparoo Qld 4151
For outstanding public service to Queensland State Development.

Ms Schaefer has served in many significant roles within state and local governments over a career spanning more than 30 years. During this time she has worked at senior levels in a range of disciplines including education, planning, local government, economic development and employment. Her outstanding service record is highlighted by her ability to sustain a high level of performance in many different disciplines, with a focus on outcomes and real benefits to clients and the workplace. In her current role as Deputy-Director General in State Development, she has championed professional development for staff and provided many new opportunities for the development of aspiring leaders. She has also invested heavily in a coaching program for Regional Directors that has had significant positive impacts across the state. Ms Schaefer is passionate about supporting high performing staff and is an advocate and role model forwomen in government. What sets her above her peers is her commitment to workforce development and organisational flexibility, and her positive attitude and dedication to the values of local and state government organisations.

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