ACT public service medals — Australia Day 2016

By David Donaldson

Tuesday January 26, 2016

Two Australian Capital Territory public servants were awarded Public Service Medals this Australia Day.

Below are the full official biographies for the awardees working for the Commonwealth, which accompanies the full national list of PSM winners.

The Public Service Medal recognises outstanding service by employees of the Australian government and state, territory and local government employees. ‘Outstanding service’ could be shown through:

  • service excellence to the public, or to external or internal clients;
  • innovation in programme, project or policy development;
  • leadership, including as a member of a team; or
  • the achievement of more efficient processes, improved productivity or better service delivery.

Mr John Bernard HINCHEY
Canberra ACT 2600
For outstanding public service to the criminal justice system in the Australian Capital Territory.

Mr Hinchey has over 25 years’ experience in the ACT criminal justice system. As the ACT’s Victim of Crime Commissioner since 2011, he works tirelessly and with integrity for victims of crime, showing great commitment and dedication to promoting the awareness of the needs of victims and advocating for their interests and rights. He has been instrumental in reforms for the government’s victims of crimes compensation scheme and developing programs to promote awareness of their interests. As the first manager of the ACT Restorative Justice Unit, he was instrumental in building up restorative justice as one of the ACT’s flagship programs. He has a strong commitment to service, pragmatism in advocating the rights of victims of crime, the capacity to provide strong advice to key stakeholders, and the ability to relate to people from all walks of life. Mr Hinchey is an exceptional public servant who has displayed exemplary leadership to improving delivery of services to the ACT community.

Ms Marion Theresa PEARCE
Duffy ACT 2611
For outstanding public service to the community of the Australian Capital Territory.

Ms Pearce has worked in the ACT Public Service since its inception in the late 1980s, beginning as a Youth Worker. She then spent 12 years working in the youth justice and care and protection area before moving to the Office of the Public Advocate in 1998 where she worked until 2015. She displayed an extraordinary capacity to engage with her clients in a respectful, accepting and level manner andforged successful working relationships with other statutory office holders and professionals in the legal and health disciplines. Her role as guardian of last resort for people with decision making disabilities is one of the most challenging and difficult of any public service role, and she formed genuine and sympathetic relationships with her clients who she treated with respect and dignity. Her conflict resolution skills were a very strong attribute, and she was always motivated by the best interests of her clients. Throughout her public service career she was devoted to her work, always placed clients first, and looked at their needs in a holistic way. Ms Pearce was an inspiring role model to her team of guardians, who developed under her guidance.

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