Event: Mark Moore on how to measure public value

By The Mandarin

Tuesday February 16, 2016

The Harvard academic who authored the seminal management text, Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government, will hold talks for public sector leaders in Adelaide and Melbourne next week.

Professor Mark Moore’s work has focused on how public sector leaders can engage communities in supporting and legitimatising their work, and in how value commitments contribute to enabling leadership in public sector organisations.

Adelaide — Feb 24

Moore will give an afternoon talk hosted by South Australia’s Department of Premier and Cabinet on Wednesday February 24, about how to create and measure public value. He will also discuss how government can work with community and business to solve difficult problems.

Two of SA’s public sector leaders will also be joining the conversation, Ruth Ambler, executive director of Cabinet Office, and the commissioner for public employment, Erma Ranieri. They’ll be talkin about how public servants can take a different approach to policy and service delivery, including through new Cabinet processes.

Registration is required, but free, through Eventbrite.

Melbourne — Feb 25-26

The Australian and New Zealand School of Government will also be hosting Moore for a two-day workshop for senior and mid-level public sector executives on recognising public value.

The workshop will focus on implementation strategies of Moore’s theories on how to identify, capture and measure public value in the work that governments do.

The workshop considers four different types of work to be done in order to measure public value:

  1. philosophical work that is needed to work out both who is the proper arbiter of public value, and what particular dimensions of value those arbiters wish to see realized by and reflected in government operations
  2. technical work required to develop reliable empirical measures of philosophically constructed dimensions of value
  3. political work essential to ensuring that the philosophical values and technical measures are closely aligned with values considered important by political overseers
  4. the managerial work focused on building the information systems to recognise whether public value is being created, and using those measures to drive the performance of public organizations through processes of internal accountability and learning.

This work can be focused by efforts to create two different types of measurement systems:

  • a public value account that identifies the major categories of cost and value for public organizations
  • a public value scorecard that can be used by public sector managers not only to learn whether they have created value in the past, but also to guide their efforts to create more value in the future.

While a great deal of complexity must be accommodated in the short run, over the long run it is only by doing this work that we can produce the simplicity, objectivity, and reliability that makes performance measurement and management systems so valuable.

Registration details available through ANZSOG.


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