Agencies struggle on indigenous quota, PM&C can’t get rid of theirs

As agencies from all jurisdictions around the country scramble to diversity their workforce with indigenous employees and expertise, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet has struggled to get rid of theirs.

Three months after it was revealed 200 additional full-time equivalent jobs would be targeted for cuts at PM&C — primarily from the Indigenous Affairs portfolio — only 39% have been achieved through voluntary redundancies.

The details, tabled with the Senate Finance and Administration Committee, show the redundancy payout bill came to a little over $4.5 million for the 79 accepted offers.

The 200 redundancies were to come on top of 276 offers already accepted in 2014. The majority of the cuts have come from the Indigenous Affairs portfolio’s regional network — by a wide margin. Of the 79 accepting offers in the latest round, 13 were Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander employees.

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