NSW government audit: which agencies face the chop?

The NSW government will review its agency structure with a view to dumping some bodies and cutting spending.

Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian will reveal in a speech today that an expert panel will conduct an audit of the state’s 870 departments, agencies, state-owned corporations, boards, committees and trusts. Part of the Sydney Institute speech has been leaked to media.

Berejiklian will argue:

“Many of these identified bodies overlap in terms of the functions they perform. There is opportunity here to reduce this number.”

She will cite as one example 76 separate crown land trusts which manage assets on behalf of local communities:

“One of them manages a tennis court centre in Newcastle. Another manages a small historic pumping station near Maitland. While the government is yet to decide its exact course of action, the panel has recommended that these should not be separate trusts and should be merged into one.”

As transport minister previously, Berejiklian combined 10 separate agencies into a single department — Transport for NSW — responsible for all planning and policy functions. Around 2000 jobs were cut in the process.

More to come …

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