Unions, Opposition call for clarity of NSW agency cuts

By The Mandarin

Tuesday March 1, 2016

NSW Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian revealed no additional detail of the planned axing of NSW government agencies in her address to the Sydney Institute on Monday night.

Instead, those who don’t happen to be NSW cabinet ministers will have to wait until the release of the state budget, assumed to be June 21 this year.

If this sounds familiar, federal Finance Minster Mathias Cormann axed hundreds of Commonwealth entities in two big announcements, the first at last year’s budget, and another round at MYEFO.

But the state’s Opposition and Unions NSW weren’t happy with waiting, calling for details now.

Shadow treasurer Michael Daley pre-empted Berejiklian’s speech with a statement to AAP condemning the assault on public services.

Mark Morey, Unions NSW secretary piled on with a statement yesterday:

“This state government sees our public services as a giant monopoly board to be divided up and sold off to their mates in the private sector … It is not the state government’s job to keep dreaming up new ways to slash services and amalgamate everything for the benefit of private sector buyers.

“The state’s public services have been cut to the bone and the public is feeling that. Further deep cuts are the last thing NSW needs.”

Berejiklian rejected that characterisation of the plans during her speech to the Sydney Institute:

“This is not code for reducing the services or infrastructure that governments provide or generate – quite the contrary … It is an opportunity for governments to generate more services and infrastructure from limited resources.”

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