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By The Mandarin

March 7, 2016

Sandra Wood
Sandra Wood

This Thursday March 10 enjoy a free lunch tutorial with IPAA NSW and people management expert Sandra Wood on how to power up your people.

  • Identify the 7 Essential Skills that allow managers to build a high performing workplace
  • Understand the impact of low Self Awareness on Managers and their teams
  • Understand the importance and identify the skills managers require to be able to effectively manage critical conversations in the workplace

Most managers know that quality communication including giving performance feedback and building strong connections is the way to “power up” their people and get the best from them. Most managers know this but they struggle with the HOW – just how to do this skilfully, deliberately, consistently, with a diverse group of people. If you are looking for a “toolkit” of people management strategies that will bring out the best in your staff then this webinar is for you.

How platforms work

Meanwhile, the Digital Transformation Office are hosting a morning presentation tomorrow with Casey West, principal technologist for Pivotal Cloud Foundry on what platforms are, why we need them and how to get the best out of them. This presentation will be recorded and made available online later this week.

Digital transformation means delivering web applications to meet user needs. But those web applications need to run somewhere and there’s a lot of work that goes into hosting them. The manual, repetitive grunt work of setting up servers, keeping them patched and manually deploying applications is creating less value, and steals valuable time away from solving problems for Australians.

Innovation and the provision of government services

Not a webinar, but for those in Melbourne there’s one free Friday lunchtime event worth making time for. CEDA is hosting Marie Johnson and Gary Sterrenberg to share their strategy and vision for the future of social service delivery.

Marie Johnson is head of technology at National Disability Insurance Agency, and Gary Sterrenberg is the chief information officer at the Department of Human Services.

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