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By The Mandarin

March 7, 2016

Sean Larkins
Sean Larkins

Australia ranks in the top three countries for the positive impact of our government communications, particularly the state-level behaviour modification campaigns, says the former deputy director of the UK’s central communication unit.

Sean Larkins, now director of consulting and capability with WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice, was in Australia and New Zealand in February talking about his experience setting up and running the UK Government Communication Service and how those lessons could be blended with Australia’s existing successes.

The above video, from his talk in Wellington, covers the cultural drivers impacting citizen trust in government, and how better organised and skilled communicators can have a positive impact.

Sean’s picks for skill trends in government communications

In 2000 we were good at:

  • Rabid rebuttal
  • Policy launch
  • Email
  • Web writer

In 2010 we got better at:

  • Campaign delivery
  • Talking to bloggers
  • Tweeter

By 2015 the skills required now include:

  • Data analyst
  • Content designer
  • Movement builder

By 2020 everyone in government communications should have the skills of a:

  • Behavioural scientist
  • Algorithm builder
  • Coder

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