Terry Moran sticks with policy, joins CPD

By The Mandarin

March 21, 2016

Terry Moran has a new role keeping him tied to the pulse of Australia’s public sector policy challenges. After his term ended as IPAA national president, Moran has joined the Centre  for  Policy  Development. He’ll be taking over from Martin Stewart-Weeks as chair of independent policy think tank next month.

He is the second former secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to lead CPD — founding chair John Menadue, who now blogs policy ideas direct, was the first.

Moran has been increasingly outspoken about the need for long-term perspectives in government and the clearing policy gridlock in Canberra. While headlining the IPAA national conference in Sydney last year, he put the onus back on public officials to deliver the impact Australia needs or face having those functions outsourced to organisations that can.

But he is no fan of outsourcing for its own sake and in a recent AFR interview pointed to the paucity of policy capability in agencies that experienced heavy outsourcing. He cites the example of employment services for the recently immigrated Muslim community:

” … even if the government wanted to do something, it’s not clear the policy capacity is left … ”

“No one knows what’s going on, and nobody monitors the Job Network — which might see a problem in those areas but has no means to connect with the Industry Department or even the national security apparatus and having something effective done. The structure of products and prices in the Job Network seem to preclude being able to help these communities, or the long-term unemployed, properly.

“Even if the government wanted to do something, it’s not clear the policy capacity is left in the Employment Department to come up with the initiatives. It’s a disgrace.”

Moran says he is now delighted to join CPD, when the need for a thoughtful focus on Australia’s long-term future is greater than ever.

“CPD has achieved success in key areas of policy gridlock,” he said. “CPD is working towards a better,  regional  approach  to  forced  migration  with  our  Asian  neighbours.  CPD  has  ensured the government tackles climate security more seriously. CPD has highlighted the perils of stripping out public sector capability via outsourcing services and how employment services in particular warrant a thorough, independent review …

“I  want  to  help  CPD  in  its  next  growth  phase  and  use  my  experience  in  policy  development  to  contribute  to  developing  solutions  for  key  policy  challenges  of  this century.  These  include  ensuring  effective  government,  expanding  opportunity  and  social justice, building a sustainable economy and embracing Australia’s role in Asia.”

Moran keeps busy. He’s also chair of the Barangaroo Authority, chair of the Melbourne Theatre Company, chair of the Cranlana Program, leading an inquiry into the Geelong Council, and his ongoing role as a member of The Mandarin‘s advisory board.


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