Live webcast 12.30 AEST: rules for the modern regulator

By The Mandarin

Friday April 1, 2016


The rapid rollout of major new services and products powered by large global digital platforms is fuelling a major reshape of the consumer landscape. This includes the emergence of the sharing economy.

The speed and scale of these changes is challenging industry and consumer regulators across the country and internationally, exposing the ability of policy and lawmakers to respond in a timely and effective manner. This raises questions on whether a less prescriptive model, more focussed on outcomes than tight statutory regulation, is the better way forward.

It also suggests a new mindset for regulators that is about enabling innovation, rather than simply removing red tape and other obstacles. Given the long lead times to change legislative frameworks, how can regulators adapt their approach to the new business environment, so they remain relevant in such a fast-changing world?

Join us TODAY — Friday at 12.30pm AEST — as we discuss these issues with Delia Rickard, deputy chair at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Claire Noone, principal consultant at Nous Group and former deputy at the Victorian Department of Justice, and John Stanton, CEO of Communications Alliance, the group which represents the communications and telco industry. The publisher of The Mandarin, Tom Burton, will host the discussion.

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