Webinar: 5 focus areas for high performing teams

By The Mandarin

Wednesday April 6, 2016

IPAA New South Wales and people management expert Sandra Wood are hosting the next in their Great Managers webinar series on Thursday.

Sandra Wood
Sandra Wood

If you missed the first episode on powering up your people, you must register for the Great Managers series, and then log into IPAA NSW’s Illuminate learning portal to reserve your spot. Once you’ve registered for the series, you will have access to all the existing webinars recordings via the Illuminate site.

Join leadership and people management expert Sandra Wood in this series of webinars, where you will discover the skills required to become an effective leader, get the best from people and develop high performing teams and workplaces.

The next episode will have Wood explain the five things that high performing teams consistently focus on and the strategies you need to implement in building your own high performing team.

Training Outcomes

  • Identify the essential skills that allow managers to build a high performing workplace
  • Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and how to develop this critical skill
  • Understand the importance and identify the skills managers require to be able to effectively manage critical conversations in the workplace
  • Understand and identify what is required from managers to help them improve the performance of their teams
  • Understand and identify the skills managers must develop to build employee engagement
  • Understand the factors to look for that increase the likelihood of success for new team members

Benefits to your organisation

  • Identify the path to greater leadership capability within your organisation
  • Identify possible skills gaps and areas for improvement
  • Understand how to increase employee engagement, morale and commitment

Benefits to you

  • Identify the skills that will make you a more confident, more capable leaders
  • Understand what is required to maintain composure when managing stressful situations and conversations
  • Understand what is required to bring out the best in each individual in your team

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