Joining the dots: building location intelligence into government

Government is a natural geographical industry and is ripe for innovation using a newly released national address database. Location-based services could provide powerful insights for agencies.

The public release of the national geocoded address database (G-NAF) offers a huge opportunity for government to build a large-scale platform to support a variety of innovative location services and to gain powerful insights when mixed with demographic and other attributes.

Until recently locational data has been locked up in specialised data lakes and used in bespoke applications. But the release of PSMA’s G-NAF now enables agencies to introduce precise location data into a broad mix of data, helping drive insight and innovation in policy making and service delivery.

Joe Francica

Joe Francica

“Government is a natural location business,” said Joe Francica, managing director, geospatial industry solutions, at Pitney Bowes, a provider of locational data and software. Francica is a recognised global location intelligence expert and is in Australia for the Locate 16 conference in Melbourne

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