Promotion review 'removes adversarial element'

By The Mandarin

April 7, 2016

Merit protection commissioner Annwyn Godwin today announced changes to streamline promotion reviews by dumping the obligation to share selection documentation of the original decision.

The change comes into effect from Thursday, April 7.

Commonwealth public servants can still request information on their performance during the selection process, but once a review is initiated that obligation does not carry over to the promotion review committee.

Godwin explained in a post on the Australian Public Service Commission website that it was the promotion review committee’s job to assess the relative merits of the parties and make a decision:

“Employees are not disadvantaged by this change.

“They still need to convince the [promotion review committee] that they are the most meritorious person for the job. To do this, they need to put forward their case and do not need to comment on the selection documents relating to other employees.”

This adds to the changes the APSC has made to decision reviews to make them simpler and less onerous. Godwin continued:

“As well as saving agencies time and resources, this reform is designed to remove the only remaining adversarial element in the promotion review process.”

Godwin asked that further questions be taken up with the Review Team on 02 8239 5330 or

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