‘Federal ICAC’ still off the table but inquiry keeps the idea alive

The Attorney-General’s Department and the Australian Federal Police have opened the batting for the government at the Senate Select Committee on the establishment of a National Integrity Commission, or a federal ICAC as it is more popularly known.

“The Australian government does not support a national integrity commission,” confirmed Leanne Close, the AGD’s deputy secretary for criminal justice and a former deputy commissioner of the AFP, who led the government’s delegation.

“The Australian Government’s approach to dealing with corruption is integrated and multi faceted. We work to get the standards and training right, assess risk, detect, investigate and respond to corruption.” … non-existent in the government, weak in the opposition and if it exists in the public service, you’re unlikely to hear about it.

There is strong support outside government for a national integrity commission that could investigate everything from corruption in government agencies and ministerial offices to the banks and unions the major parties are respectively targeting.

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