Minister confirms council mergers won't leave top executives jobless

By Stephen Easton

May 13, 2016

Council amalgamations in New South Wales are not leaving any general managers out of a job, Local Government Minister Paul Toole has confirmed.

All general managers employed by councils before the mergers will continue to be employed by one of the new councils, either as interim GMs or as deputies under the same contractual conditions as before, a spokesperson for Toole told The Mandarin.

That doesn’t mean they all will necessarily keep their jobs until their contracts end or until new councils are elected in September, 2017. Going forward from the mergers, responsibility for staffing arrangements will rest with the interim GMs.

The minister’s information clarifies the situation, which remained unclear on Friday morning to The Mandarin and many members of the local government sector. It also allays some concerns expressed last month about the potential cost of paying out general managers if their contracts were cut short by the amalgamation process.

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