Coordinator-General gets kiss of death after tight budget

Tasmanian Opposition leader Bryan Breen has trained his crosshairs on Coordinator-General John Perry, arguing the new agency has been a pointless addition to the bureaucracy since it was established in 2014.

In the wake of last week’s state budget, the Labor leader has promised to abolish the office if his party wins government in 2018 and give “the responsibility for attracting and co-ordinating investment” back to the Department of State Development.

Prior to creating the new office and embarking on a marathon 10-month recruitment process which eventually lured Perry (pictured) to the role from New York, the government shut down Invest Tasmania, an agency under the State Development umbrella, and said the new entity would take over its work. Its responsibilities cover major project facilitation, investment attraction and promotion, red tape reduction and unsolicited proposals.

Green told The Mercury his surprisingly early election commitment would save $30 million over 10 years. Under his plan, the department would maintain a presence in Launceston, where the Office of the Coordinator-General is located.

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