Influencer marketing: how government can win online

If government agencies are to succeed online they need to be able to leverage influencers. Influencer marketing is becoming increasingly strategic, measurable and integrated into business practices.

The power of the digital influencer has been an emerging trend in marketing practice, with leading brands integrating influencer marketing as a key strategy in their advertising and marketing objectives.

In 2016 IM practice is being refined and optimised for maximum impact. Looking at the growth of the practice among brands and the apparent evolution of the industry, I have identified a number of significant emerging developments that will continue to grow throughout 2016. Government agencies working in the digital space should heed the advice to grow communities and service levels …

Impact is more important than reach

Get rid of the perception that someone with a huge following will unquestionably maximise results. The power of influencers is that they are celebrated within their category, so niche categories could outperform those with a larger reach because of their uniqueness within their sector.

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