Are you our next partnerships and digital content lead?

By Tom Burton

Thursday June 30, 2016

Meet Jason …

Jason has been driving The Mandarin’s partner program, designing and producing the highest quality content for partners seeking to collaborate with governments across the country. He works with The Mandarin’s government experts and partners to build compelling engagements for our partners, from great features to video, from Google Hangouts to major events.

Jason works closely with some of Australia’s best companies to ensure The Mandarin creates highly professional digital campaigns, that excite and engage our audience — the senior officials who proudly lead Australia’s $400 billion public sector.
As part of a small but highly creative team, Jason works with the editorial, sales, development and publisher folk that have made The Mandarin one of Australia’s most-watched media start-ups.

Jason loves the energy of being part of a genuine start-up. He lives and breaths the internet and every day is thinking how The Mandarin can continue to grow its now substantial audience and partnerships. He works with specialist marketing people to drive engagement for our partners with the senior officials who make the key decisions in government.

Crikey, Jason is going …

Jason has been promoted to lead another of our leading specialist sites. We are looking for someone who is also wanting to grow their digital career, who has the energy and smarts to lead the production of our partner programs and to co-ordinate with and support the editor with the daily production of the site.

We want someone who will also act as the key link with our development and design teams. They must be a committed team player who will help guide the rapid development of our site as we continue to learn what our audience and partners need to build our venue for public sector leaders.

Ideally the replacement for Jason will have strong editorial and web production skills (we use WordPress), account management and content commissioning experience. Our new Jason should have had solid exposure to digital marketing and social distribution and in the best world have a knowledge of, and comfort with, government and its day-to-day workings. Alternatively, we would like to see a strong desire and ability to learn about the public sector.

Even if you don’t have all those skills, most importantly you will bring an energy and enthusiasm to be part of the team that wants to build Australia’s next great media site.

We are truly digital, so wherever you are in Australia let us know how you can replace Jason. We have offices in the city in Melbourne, in Parliament House in Canberra and in the civi-tech hub of Surry Hills in Sydney.

We are inspired by great talent, so if you work in public relations, government, a digital agency, media or just think you could be the person we are looking for to be the next Jason, email us your best pitch by COB July 8. Want to discuss or ask questions? Please contact our publisher, Tom Burton.

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