Creative videos enliven DFAT’s red tape busting

When diplomat Louise Hand came back to Canberra after an overseas posting, she was tasked with putting the recommendations of Barbara Belcher’s independent review of internal red tape into action, but she didn’t want to produce yet another long and detailed report to the secretary.

Instead, she decided to convey the findings of her review and her 70 recommendations to strip out unnecessary red tape from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the form of a short video that shows the difficulties she identified. Hand found $16 million in potential savings and a lot of the recommendations have already been implemented, cutting out an estimated 36,000 unnecessary transactions already. And it was clearly a lot of fun, too.

Members of the Institute for Public Administration Australia got a preview at a forum on the overall push to simplify and streamline public service procedures in March. Now DFAT has made the video — and its new sequel — available to readers of The Mandarin.

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