E-participation rising, but UK now beats Australia at e-government

Australia has maintained its place as the second-best country for e-government in the biennial United Nations e-government survey.

It took out second place to the United Kingdom — which shot up the ranks thanks to early adoption and a concerted focus on digital by the British government — on both this year’s e-government development index and e-participation index.

The UN noted a sharp global rise in the number of countries using one stop service platforms. In 2003, only 45 countries had a one-stop-platform, and only 33 countries provided online transactions. According to the 2016 survey, 90 countries now offer one or more single entry portal on public information or online services, and 148 provide at least one form of online transactional services.

More countries are making an effort to use e-government to ensure public institutions are more inclusive, effective, accountable and transparent, says the report. 128 countries now provide some datasets on government spending in machine readable formats. An increasing number are moving towards participatory decision-making, aided in particular by social media.

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