Public sector integrity, transparency become ACT election issues

Canberra’s local opposition and one-member crossbench are both trying to make public sector integrity and freedom of information into election issues ahead of the October 15 ACT election.

This year will be different with the Legislative Assembly growing from 17 to 25 seats, and it seems all bets are off when it comes to the agreement by which a minority Labor government has held power, supported by the Greens, since 2008.

Negotiations between the two over a stronger FOI system, one policy item left in that agreement, have broken down and the opposition has begun an attempt to position itself as the party of accountability.

shane-rattenbury-340x395Shane Rattenbury (pictured), the sole Greens MLA in the assembly following the party’s loss of three seats at the 2012 election, has given up on reaching agreement with the Labor government and begun talks with the Liberals over a new FOI bill he tabled in May.

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