APSC launches Indigenous employment service

The Australian Public Service Commission is hoping to lead a shift away from a “bums on seats” approach to Indigenous employment.

It’s rolling out a new Indigenous employment service for both Australian Public Service and non-APS agencies.

This will form part of its plan to improve engagement and leave behind an approach referred to by some as a “tick the box” mentality to recruiting Indigenous people.

Aboriginal public servants have been critical of a tendency in the public sector across Australia to focus on filling recruitment quotas without giving the purpose of the policy deep consideration. One speaker at an event The Mandarin attended summed the problem up: “Bums on seats — have they thought beyond that to ‘once we’ve got them, what do they want to do? Why are they going to come and work for us? … who are we benefiting: the Aboriginal people who come and work for us, or ourselves because we can say we’ve got blackfellas working for us?'”

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