Be ‘proactive’ on data release: NSW lays foundation for ensuring agencies comply

New South Wales agencies should move towards an open by default approach to releasing information, says the state’s information commissioner Elizabeth Tydd.

Promoting the proactive release of information by government agencies is one of the three objectives aimed at delivering “proactive, intelligence-led and risk-based regulation”, outlined in the NSW Information and Privacy Commission’s first annual Information Commissioner’s Regulatory Plan 2016-17.

At present the rate of release for government data in NSW is around 69%, says the IPC.

The commission is concerned agencies are not releasing enough information to comply with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. An earlier IPC report “identified that full compliance with the mandatory requirements of the GIPA Act is not being achieved and therefore the strategic intent of the GIPA Act is not being fully realised. This is particularly significant given requirements to promote proactive release mechanisms to support transparency,” argues the plan.

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