Census outrage no excuse to halt digitalisation of government

The Australian Information Industry Association weighed into the public flagellation of the Australian Bureau of Statistics today, with a message to not despair and don’t give up.

While the Census outages prevented people from completing their civic duty on the night, AIIA chief executive Rob Fitzpatrick says the move towards digitisation should be applauded.

“The AIIA applauds the Australian Bureau of Statistics for taking the census online and we view this as an important step forward in the digitisation of our government. We must make the move towards a digitally-driven economy in order to be globally competitive and our government should be an exemplar of this digital transformation. Done well, significant savings can be made in time, convenience and efficiency for both the government and our citizens.

“It is unfortunate that last night’s census was the subject of a massive denial of service attack, which effectively sabotaged the census. As the world transforms to be more digital, cyber security will be a major challenge for all governments and businesses. The Australian government should be commended for having already prioritised cyber security through its recent policy development and appointments and the AIIA is committed to working with the government on this issue.”

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