Duncan Young: Census is 'on track'


August 12, 2016

Over the past two days our field staff have been collecting information from hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities, and undertaking interviews of people sleeping rough.

More than 100 mobile teams have been visiting remote Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, assisting each household to complete their Census forms. A number of communities have already completed the Census.

As previously reported, more than 2.3 million online Census forms had already been completed and submitted before we took the system offline. A further 65,000 forms have already been completed this afternoon.

A number of people were partway through their Census form when the system was taken offline on Tuesday night. The form saves progress regularly … so people can resume their forms using their Census logon number and the password that was provided when they started their form.

Our phone services have provided support now to over 1.2 million callers and we’ve dispatched over 1 million paper forms on request.

We’ve increased the resources at our call centre, however we expect it will be busy at times with the online form now back online.

Our field officers have already visited 1.91 million homes around the country delivering Census materials. Three semi-trailers of completed paper forms were delivered to our secure data capture centre today, bringing our count of completed paper forms to 600,000. We’re expecting this number to increase substantially early next week as mail from Census day arrives.

We have recruited some 38,000 field staff that will commence household visits, in some areas from as early as this Saturday, and visits will continue throughout August and early September in line with our original plans.

This will ensure that everyone has the support they need and the materials they need to be counted in Australia’s Census.

We are on track to ensure that everyone in Australia is counted and Australia is delivered with the important national Census data that it needs.

We encourage everyone to get online or fill our your paper Census form as soon as possible. Thankyou.

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