Turning digital policy into possibility: six key battlegrounds

Agencies need to work together to develop a cohesive digital strategy that can scale across departments. Here’s the six battlegrounds for digital transformation leaders to consider.

The Australian government’s digital transformation is in full swing and government agencies must be successful across several key battlegrounds in order to satisfy the Digital Continuity 2020 policy.

To get citizens to engage with online government services, it’s essential to deliver secure, effective and connected experiences that work seamlessly across any channel or device. Building effective citizen experiences requires sophisticated tools. This means not just choosing best-of-breed technologies, but partnering with technology vendors who are pushing the boundaries of technology innovation and experience management.

It also means focusing on what citizens need, rather than simply on what might make it easier for government employees to do their jobs. Citizen experience needs to be at the forefront of how we think.

Konica Minolta has identified six key battlegrounds for digital agencies that need to be continually assessed as part of a cohesive and overarching digital strategy …

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