Census online move vindicated? Two-thirds have already submitted

Public sector users of Census data stood by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and so, it seems, has the public. The digital take-up of the national survey has already exceeded expectations by millions.

Despite the furore over the Census website being taken offline early in the evening of Census night August 9, there’ll be fewer door-knocks reminding households than ever before.

Duncan Young, national program manager of the Census has revealed that more than six million of Australia’s nine million households have completed and returned forms since Census night. The response rate was expected to be as low as 50% in the first fortnight, with many Australians only using the online form for the first time this Census.

Only a few weeks ago, Young told The Mandarin he estimated online take-up would cap at around 65% of the population (twice the online response rate five years ago), with the remainder preferring to keep filling the national survey as they always had. Australians have already beaten that prediction, and with four more weeks of chasing up, could do so by a substantial rate.

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