Australia’s world-first IP data dump to fuel innovation boom

Patent offices around the world have given IP Australia a pat on the back for releasing detailed information about intellectual property in Australia — and who created it.

A world-first open data dump from Australia’s patent office last week promises to grease the wheels of innovation and herald a new era in policy research around intellectual property rights.

IP Australia’s dataset includes highly detailed information on inventions, brands, designs and plant breeders’ rights from 1906 to the end of 2013, from application to the granting of rights, and will be updated annually. Importantly, the majority of the data has been matched with details of the entrepreneurs or companies that applied for those rights, including their size, location and the type of firm.

As well as speeding up innovation by making it quicker and easier for anyone to get an overview of the key players in a particular area of research and development, the dataset should be a major boon to policy researchers.

IP Australia chief economist Dr Benjamin Mitra-Kahn told The Mandarin he hoped it would allow better informed and therefore more productive debate around the future of the intellectual property framework.

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