Alan Finkel: innovation isn’t magic — investment and planning are key

Innovation doesn’t happen simply through force of will, argues Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, but through investment and planning.

Speaking at the National Innovation Summit last week, the former entrepreneur cited the success of the Icelandic football team as an example of this ethos.

The Icelandic team, despite hailing from a tiny island with only 300,000 people, recently managed to knock mighty England out of the Euro 2016. But this wasn’t just a fluke — “Iceland’s success in soccer has been both significant, and sustained. Over the past three years, Iceland has climbed 109 spots in the FIFA rankings,” Finkel explained.

Iceland’s success can be boiled down to four key factors, he thinks: they built indoor pitches (essential to get people to train during the frozen winter months), trained trainers, built popular support and worked as a team.

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