‘Change is what keeps me alive’: Erma Ranieri’s award-winning turn

Women make great leaders, the newly crowned SA Woman of the Year says, especially with courage, vulnerability and staying true. But why are there so few female public sector leaders?

South Australia’s public service employment commissioner Erma Ranieri (pictured) has accepted a top award for women in business, declaring women make great leaders because of their ability to adapt and keep ahead of change.

Recognised for her achievements in guiding reform and change in the state’s public service, Ranieri said she was humbled to be named the 2014 Telstra Business Woman of the Year, the peak award, in addition to the community and government category.

“Change is the only constant that we’ll have, and I strongly believe women are good at this,” Ranieri told the audience last night in Adelaide.

“I, like many of you, was juggling a career with children … it’s not easy. The places I picked to work were ones that had great leaders, and allowed me to devote my life to both work and life in a meaningful way … I’ve spent a lot of time with other women, through mentoring and hearing their successes. But I’ve learned the most when we’ve shared our challenges and failures.”

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