Five tips for new managers to fast track their management journey

“I didn’t sign up for this, people are driving me crazy” — how specialists cope if they never intended to manage people can come down to five key attention areas. Learn from your mistakes and the soft skills will come.

Many line or middle managers I meet never intended to manage people – most admit they were very good technically and got promoted. Being responsible for other people’s performance can be terrifying and most new managers learn by trial and error.

So why as mangers and organisation leaders do we continue to throw our best performers to the lions? Managing people is a skill and not one to take lightly.

We feel comfortable promoting high performers because they will excel at anything, right?

Unfortunately, this is not the case as promotions usually lead to increased people management responsibilities. The skills required for managing people are learnt over time. In fact, you never stop learning because every person is different and motivated by different things, but there are some soft skill fundamentals that can assist.

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