DTO’s digital marketplace: tech today, all procurement tomorrow?

Procurement should be a marketplace, says the federal minister. The NSW government, National Disability Insurance Agency and now the Digital Transformation Office are all pursuing the digital marketplace concept.

The federal government’s new digital marketplace could eventually become the standard for all kinds of procurement, but that’s a still a fair way off, according to Digital Transformation Minister Angus Taylor.

The Digital Transformation Office fired up the new Commonwealth IT procurement system beta yesterday with over 220 information technology vendors on board and held a small demonstration event at its Canberra headquarters.

“I would love to see these principles applied more broadly, because they’re good principles,” said the minister. “Procurement should be a marketplace, and that’s effectively what we’re doing here; we’re turning procurement into a marketplace.” “Without that active management it will simply be a job board, and we don’t want it to be that.”

The government presently has no plans to transform all of procurement in the same way. Taylor can see potential, but the new platform still needs to prove its worth. “I think if we can get it to work in digital, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be trying to get it to work elsewhere, but let’s start at the beginning and we’ll see where we can take it,” he said.

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  • Great read Steve. Any innovation that allows an acceleration or easing of the process in putting Gov buyers together with potential suppliers has to be applauded and it would be terrific to think this could be extended to other services.

    The key question that I’d like to understand though is how potential buyers will actually choose when presented with multiple vendors in a category. The beta currently shows them alphabetically but does not indicate how users can rank or otherwise compare potential vendor offers. Look forward to finding out the answer to that question but overall a big thumbs up to this initiative. So many vendors are nervous about the hurdles of dealing with Gov. This launch is such a great opportunity to really transform things!