ACT opposition ups the integrity ante with ICAC promise

The ACT opposition has added the establishment of an Independent Commission Against Corruption to its election platform, matching the Greens, but the government believes its new independent public sector standards commissioner is all the little jurisdiction needs.

Perhaps the local Liberals decided their previous policy to strengthen integrity — more funding for the auditor-general and a “fully independent” public service commissioner — was too similar to the government’s public sector legislative reforms, which finally made it through the Legislative Assembly this month.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr chided the opposition for copying his party’s policy with its integrity package; now it appears they have upped the ante with an ICAC, which could be said to have been copied from the Greens’ platform.

Opposition leader Jeremy Hanson this week repeated his claim that Canberrans are increasing concerned about the “ethical conduct” of Labor and the Greens, who have governed together in various combinations since 2008.

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