Change as opportunity: the power of networking in the public sector

Networking doesn’t have to be selfish, and it can help organisations as much as individuals. Tips for building relationships from a government HR and talent management expert.

The impact of one-term governments and machinery of government changes can be far-reaching, both for organisations and individuals. Organisational restructures, changing roles and department reshuffles in government have brought with them a large shift when it comes to traditional career plans and trajectories for many public sector workers.

Now, more than ever, is the time to for public sector staff to invest and manage their own careers. And as we have seen from our private sector peers, mentoring and networking are some of the key steps in this process. Drawing on my 30 years in organisational development and human resources within both Australian public and private sectors and international organisations, here are my tips when it comes to networking within the public sector.

What makes a ‘good networker’?

Networking – whether you love it or run from it – is a way of life across public and private sectors.  Some network well and it seems a natural and innate talent, while for some others it’s cringe worthy and their worst nightmare.

What makes a ‘good networker’ and why should anyone, regardless of position title, bother to network?

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