Public sector gift register should only improve public trust

Whether it’s police officers, teachers, firefighters or any other government employees, they don’t need gifts just for doing their jobs and the Tasmanian Integrity Commission would prefer if grateful people just said thank you.

On the other hand, the low value of most the largesse listed in the state’s new combined public sector gift register demonstrates there is little risk of corruption in this regard. Very few of the gifts listed are even worth over $100, which wouldn’t buy you much as a bribe.

The TIC has been running an awareness campaign based around the “thanks is enough” message this year, after it looked into the issue last September and reported “concerning complacency” about the potential integrity risk within government agencies.

The register, which the TIC argues should be published like the ministerial gift register, appears to show public sector employees overwhelmingly doing the right thing: declining unnecessary or inappropriate offers, or accepting them and immediately donating them to charity auctions or other worthy causes.

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