Retail therapy: NSW taps DTO Digital Marketplace

New South Wales agencies can now for the first time buy services and products offered through the Commonwealth’s recently launched Digital Marketplace after the state’s Department of Finance, Services & Innovation and Canberra’s Digital Transformation Office went live with the collaboration in Sydney on Tuesday.

The deal lets the NSW bureaucracy and approved not-for-profits tap into Canberra’s catalogue of pre-approved suppliers, a substantial first in harmonising disparate smaller scale procurement mechanisms that have for years frustrated agencies and suppliers alike.

Canberra’s Department of Finance has for some time allowed federal buyers to access the NSW digital services catalogue in lieu of the creation of a federal marketplace — however the latest agreement finally puts state and federal buyers on an equal footing.

The cross-jurisdictional agreement will also serve as an exemplar for similar deals between the DTO and other states and territories to standardise their evolving marketplaces.

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