Got wonk? APS crowdsources rebranding

By The Mandarin

November 1, 2016

How would you describe the Australian Public Service as an employer to your family and friends?

Can you think of a tagline for the APS of 200 characters or less?

The Australian Public Service Commission is crowdsourcing ideas on how to rebrand itself to better attract and retain good staff.

“We’re looking for a catchy brand ‘tagline’ that sells the APS as a great place to work,” says the APSC website.

Entries are open to APS employees and will be judged by panel of senior APS and business representatives. Ideas can be submitted until November 30.

Why is the commission seeking your ideas? “A strong employment brand sets an organisation apart from its competitors. It appeals to a diverse range of employees we want to attract and retain. It builds awareness and employee engagement and reduces turnover,” it says.

Before you enter think about:

  • the range of work the APS does
  • what makes the APS different from other employers
  • what the APS offers that others don’t
  • if you were ‘pitching’ a job in the APS to a family member or mate, what would you say
  • the companies you love, like Google, Apple, Lego or even your favourite local coffee shop, and what their employment brands say about them and who they attract.

Enter “Brand it” at the APSC website.

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