Joining the dots: data colloquium for Victorian government

By Tom Burton

Wednesday November 23, 2016

Join us for a colloquium as we explore how the Victorian government is approaching opportunities to empower its citizen services through smart data management.

We will also look at how other governments and organisations are approaching the issue of data sharing and how new algorithmic, artificial intelligence and cognitive techniques are liberating data traditionally locked away in old case management systems.

The colloquium is for three hours next Tuesday morning November 29, starting at 9 am at the Park Hyatt, near Parliament Square. It is designed around the challenge of collaboration and in particular how agencies can use modern data and analytic techniques as they confront the complex issues around family violence. Attendance is free and only for Victorian government officials.

 The Victorian government is rapidly digitising services and migrating core applications to the cloud. It is critical the data that empowers these systems is high quality, curated and managed consistently to ensure citizen trust and satisfaction.

The challenge is amplified as the government seeks to offer joined-up, end-to-end intelligent services across a variety of agencies, jurisdictions, networks and devices. Better agency data collaboration is a central recommendation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence and a major part of the new Information Technology Strategy.

The success of Service Victoria will also be dependent on offering personalised and relevant services through the smart curation and management of data.

The new data analytics centre also promises to empower policy and program design by aggregating data and over time the application of smart algorithms and artificial intelligence systems.

Victoria has a strong commitment to open data through the portal and associated hackathons. This has created a strong provider community focused on using public data for community good.

The colloquium is part of a leadership series the Mandarin has been running across major jurisdictions. We work with public agencies and expert providers, looking to engage around the challenges of government in a collaborative format that promotes learning, insight and problem solving.

The aim of this exchange is to build capability around data collaboration, management and advanced analytic and algorithmic techniques.

Attendance at the colloquium is free and only for Victorian government officials. This is a great opportunity for agency executives to update themselves on the latest approaches to using data to collaborate around services and programs.

The program for the colloquium can be be down loaded here:  Join-the-dots-program pdf

If you are a Victorian official and wish to attend please email Nicklas Wikbald at [email protected]

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