Megan Latham steps down from ICAC as reform looms

By Stephen Easton

Wednesday November 23, 2016

Megan Latham has resigned as commissioner of the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption, effective next Wednesday, November 30.

A statement issued by ICAC this afternoon confirms Latham will go back to the NSW Supreme Court and does not believe it is worthwhile for her to continue as the government moves to substantially renovate the commission’s structure:

“In the light of the passage of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment Act 2016, it is not in the best interests of the commission that the commissioner continues to exercise the functions of the commission, particularly when decisions in relation to those functions are liable to be revisited by a re-constituted commission at a later time.

“In those circumstances, it is appropriate that the commissioner returns to the Supreme Court and that strategic decisions await the appointment of the new commissioners.”

Latham will not be commenting beyond a brief comment she added to the statement:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked at the commission. I am particularly privileged to have observed first-hand the skill and dedication of the commission’s staff who deserve great credit for the exposure of corruption in this state.”

The appropriate delegations are in place for ICAC to continue functioning with assistant commissioner Reginald Blanch in charge. “However, this is a matter for the government,” the commission states.

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