Radical simplification for DTA agenda

The Digital Transformation Agency has been given teeth. Its first roadmap culls 22 projects down to just five and reveals the biggest shift in decades in how tech is procured and delivered.

More than 20 individual digital transformation plans stretching across Commonwealth agencies will be consolidated into just five core delivery areas under a radical simplification of the Turnbull government’s digital transformation agenda overseen by the recently formed Digital Transformation Agency.

Made public on Thursday, the DTA’s first roadmap reveals the biggest shift in decades to how technology in government will be delivered, procured and rolled out across all agencies in an attempt to end the proliferation of disparate online interfaces and underlying back-office systems that have increasingly frustrated consumers and businesses alike.

“Changes to existing policy and legislation that blocks change will underpin the success of the transformation.”

At the procurement level, the architectural mandate is also likely to cause a major rethink of the traditional tendering system based on government stipulating requirements to suppliers.

It also involves a major shift to cloud based, software ‘as-a-service’ applications rather than government building bespoke systems that have persistently blown budgets, run years late and locked agencies to dependency on inflexible legacy systems.

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