Reality check: how digital transformation is more than digital technology

Transformation and innovation don’t just happen. They need guidance, guard rails and leadership will to change. Knowing what attitudes and skills will transfer is half the challenge.

Let’s be honest.

When it comes to buzzwords that get habitually overused or seemingly added into government and corporate slide decks, the words ‘digital transformation’ must near the top of the list.

In a digital age, trust matters more than ever. It has to be earned and is easy to fracture.  The good news is that people are still paying attention. The downside is that lip service and tokenism just don’t cut it anymore, as everyday customer expectations for frictionless transactions and accessible and easy to use solutions mount daily.

Like many developed economies, Australia is in the midst of both a journey and a national conversation about how all digital government services get delivered, how to make them better and what it takes to get us there.

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