Peter Hall to lead the new ICAC structure he doesn’t support

NSW Supreme Court judge Peter Hall has been named ICAC’s first chief commissioner as it moves ahead with a new organisational structure he doesn’t really agree with.

The New South Wales government has put forward Peter Hall as the new chief commissioner of the reformed Independent Commission Against Corruption and the opposition will not stand in his way.

Assuming his appointment is rubber-stamped by the watchdog’s parliamentary oversight committee, Hall will be supported by two assistant commissioners and need the support of at least one to hold the public investigative inquiries that have made ICAC a household name.

Hall replaces his former NSW Supreme Court colleague Megan Latham, after the former commissioner’s role was effectively dissolved and she declined to apply for a position on the new three-commissioner ICAC panel for legal reasons.

Retired judge and inaugural NSW director of public prosecutions Reg Blanch has been acting commissioner as the reforms are carried through. According to Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s office:

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