Trial finds 70% would continue using APS performance management app Ripple

By The Mandarin

May 3, 2017

The Australian Public Service Commission has published early results from its trial of a smartphone app it developed to support performance management, in the form of an info-graphic.

Ripple was designed as a “conversation starter” that asks a single question about performance management every day and provides immediate feedback about how other users answered the question.

The commission reports 70% of trial participants would keep using Ripple and recommend it to others, while 90% “found it beneficial” to compare themselves with other users.

The pilot ran from August 22 to December 9 last year, with 2,500 Executive Level 1 staff from 30 agencies chosen randomly to participate. Over 1000 used the app as intended, answering one question a day, and 1400 answered over 75% of the questions.


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