A world without wallets: The Mandarin executive leadership program

By The Mandarin

May 9, 2017

Conceptual view about checkouts or payments over Internet and mobile devices.

The explosion in fintech applications and relentless payment innovation is remaking how we transact.

Australia already has amongst the highest uptake of payment cards and the boom in online payments and digital wallets has made Australia a global leader in cashless commerce.

With over 50% of payments now cashless, what are the policy and regulatory implications for Australian society and the economy?

The burgeoning fintech sector is fuelling the next round of disruption in ecommerce, giving consumers new options to exchange value through traditional communication apps.

The recent launch of the RBA’s New Payment Platform is also expected to further accelerate the shift away from traditional payment systems.

Join the publisher of The Mandarin, Tom Burton and an expert panel including Gavin McCairns, Deputy CEO AUSTRAC, Libby Roy, Managing Director PayPal and Mike Ebstein, MWE Consulting to explore the policy, economic and social implications for citizens, community, business and government of these changes.

Please note that this event is strictly for public service leaders, executives and government advisers.

There is no charge to attend.


Event Details

Date: May 18th

Time: 9 am – 11 am

Venue: The National Press Club, Canberra – The Bourke Street Room


  • What are payment innovations driving the shift to a cashless economy
  • How can government exploit the shift to digital payments
  • How do Australian retailers exploit the ready availability of electronic payment systems to expand their markets?
  • What role will the large communication platforms play?
  • The implications for cross border commerce
  • Will we go the way of Sweden and have banks without cash?
  • What does the rollout of over the top payment apps mean for welfare and other government payment systems?
  • How do we ensure the elderly and other groups not connected to the internet are not disadvantaged?
  • Tax and customs implications of digital commerce
  • Exploiting Australia’s advanced payment platforms in the booming world of global e-commerce
  • Economic impact of a world where payments are instant and frictionless
  • Security, fraud and privacy concerns
  • What does the move away from cash mean for the black economy
  • “Cashless” or “less cash”?
  • Will cash always be around and the role of high denomination notes as store of value?
  • Implications for other wealth forms such as gold and precious stones and metals
  • What happens to the large amount of Australian currency offshore?
  • The road map for fintech innovation

Please RSVP to Nicklas Wikblad at nwikblad@themandarin.com.au by 12 May, including any special dietary or other requirements.

For more information or questions about the seminar please e-mail Tom Burton: tburton@themandarin.com.au












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