Video: how Australian public servants managed the MH370 search party

By The Mandarin

Thursday May 18, 2017

Four senior Australian government officials who were deeply involved with the search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 shared their experiences of the extraordinary multinational effort at a public administration seminar yesterday.

As well as sharing the considerable costs of the search, which is reportedly the largest and most expensive in aviation history, Australia established the Joint Agency Coordination Centre within the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to organise the massive operation in March, 2014.

The search was stopped in January this year, but the JACC continues its engagement with the Malaysian and Chinese governments. Members of the Institute of Public Administration Australia (ACT Branch) heard from four of the top Australian officials about how the they managed the multinational effort in a special seminar that is recorded in the video below.

JACC chief Judi Zielke was joined by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s search and rescue manager Alan Lloyd and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s MH370 search director Peter Foley, as well as Neil Gordon, who leads the Data and Information Fusion Group in the Department of Defence Science and Technology division.

Top image: Peter Foley, Neil Gordon, Judi Zielke and Alan Lloyd with IPAA ACT council member Barry Mewett, who chaired the panel.

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