Digital marketplace centralises 'smart city' procurement for councils

By Stephen Easton

May 31, 2017

The Digital Transformation Agency has added a new section to its online procurement marketplace as a central hub for local governments to seek the expertise they need to progress smart city projects.

Assistant Minister Angus Taylor, who has responsibility for both digital transformation and cities, announced the addition of the new smart cities collaboration section today as a way to support the federal Smart Cities Plan.

“There is a great appetite for innovation within local councils, who are at the forefront of smart city initiatives,” Taylor said in a statement.

There are $50 million worth of grants available to local governments and other organisations through the Smart Cities and Suburbs program, and applications close on June 30.

Just over 100 “future ready councils” are registered on the Digital Marketplace, which represents 25% of registered buyers, according to the minister. “And there are more than 400 sellers who can provide the digital expertise they need to transform their communities.”

Councils from across Australia have expressed the need to better collaborate and share ideas, says Taylor.

“Local councils are already working together to deliver services. But they were struggling to find a way to collaborate when a project is still just an idea, or a pilot, or a lesson they have learned that would benefit other councils.”

Four smart cities projects are highlighted on the marketplace, being pursued by the Ipswich, City of Casey, Adelaide and Sunshine Coast councils respectively. They include two data analytics projects, a proposed automated underground garbage collection system and smart city lighting.

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